Dryer door handle (white)
PART NUMBER: W10714516

Substitution: W10861225 Learn why


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This is a manufacturer substitution. Part may differ in appearance but is a functional equivalent to prior parts including W10714516.

Part information

Door handle W10861225 is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part that fits Kenmore models 11060125, 11070125, 11060222, 11062332, 11062342, 11065132, 11065202, 11065212, 11065232, 11066132, 11066134, 11067132, 11070222, 11072331, 11072332, 11072342, 11075132, 11075202, 11075212, 11075232, 11076132, 11076134, 11077132, 110C60122, 110C60222, 110C60242, 110C62332, 110C62442, 110C65132, 110C66132, 110C67132 and 110C72442.

Also fits Admiral models 4KAED4900, 4KAED5000 and AED4516HW; Amana models 4KNED4605, NED4655EW, NED4705EW, NGD4655EW, NGD4705EW, YNED4655E and YNED4755E; Crosley models CED126SDW, CED137SDW, CED147SDW, CED7006GW, CGD126SDW, CGD137SDW, CGD147SDW, CGD7006GW, VED6505GW, VGD6505GW, ZED7009GW and ZGD7009GW; Inglis models YIED4671E and YIED4771E; Maytag models 3LMEDC315, 3LMEDC415, 4KMEDC215, 4KMEDC315, 4KMEDC415, 4KMEDC425, 7MMEDC300, 7MMEDX655, 7MMGDC300, 7MMGDC400, 7MMGDX655, MEDB755DW, MEDB766FW, MEDC215EW, MEDC415EW, MEDC465HW, MEDC555DW, MEDX655DW, MEDX6STBW, MGDB755DW, MGDB766FW, MGDC215EW, MGDC415EW, MGDC465HW, MGDC555DW, MGDX655DW, MGDX6STBW, YMEDB755D, YMEDC415E, YMEDC465H, YMEDC555D and YMEDX6STB; Roper models RED4516FW and RGD4516FW; and Whirlpool models 1CWED4900, 1MWED1750, 3DWED4800, 3DWED4815, 3DWED4900, 3DWGD4815, 3LWED4705, 3LWED4730, 3LWED4815, 3LWED4830, 4GWGD4815, 4KWED4605, 4KWED4705, 4KWED4815, 4KWED4915, 7MWED1650, 7MWED1800, 7MWED1900, 7MWGD1750, 7MWGD1800, 7MWGD1850, 7MWGD1860, 7MWGD1900, 7MWGD1930, 7MWGD1950, 7MWGD2150, 7MWGD7000, 7MWGD9919, WED4616FW, WED4810EW, WED4815EW, WED4850HW, WED4915EW, WED4916FW, WED4950HW, WED4975EW, WED4985EW, WED4995EW, WED49STBW, WED5000DW, WED7000DW, WED7300DC, WED7300DW, WGD4616FW, WGD4810EW, WGD4815EW, WGD4850HW, WGD4915EW, WGD4916FW, WGD4950HW, WGD4975EW, WGD4985EW, WGD4995EW, WGD49STBW, WGD5000DW, WGD7000DW, WGD7300DC, WGD7300DW, YWED4616F, YWED4815E, YWED4850H, YWED4915E, YWED4916F, YWED49STB and YWED7300D.

You may need to separate the door panels to remove the broken handle; install the new door handle by pushing its bottom hooks into the door panel and then snapping the handle's top clips into place.

Door handle W10861225 is 5-3/4-inches by 1-7/8-inches.

Replaces part number W10714516.


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