Freezer door gasket
PART NUMBER: 216522362

Substitution: 5304507199 Learn why


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This is a manufacturer substitution. Part may differ in appearance but is a functional equivalent to prior parts including 216522362.

Part information

Special details: Smooth folds and creases in gasket 5304507199 by soaking it in warm water or warming it with a hair dryer on low heat.

This door gasket (part number 5304507199) is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part that fits some Kenmore and Kenmore Elite upright freezer models starting with 25321021, 25321041, 25321082, 25321111, 25323024, 25323082, 25323114, 25324042, 25324082, 25324092, 25326042, 25326052, 25326062, 25326072, 25326082, 25326092, 25327042, 25328042, 25328052, 25328062, 25328092, 25329082, 25329111, 25392802, 25392804, 25392808 and 25392811.

Also fits some Crosley models starting with CFUFH2, CFUM21, UL2100, UL2500 and UL5000; some Frigidaire models starting with AFFU2, F82U2, FFU20, FFU21, FKFH2, GLFH2, GLFU2, LFFH2, LFFU2, TFFU2 and UL500; some Gibson models starting with GFU20 and GFU21; and some Universal/Multiflex models starting with CFU21, MFU20 and MFU21.

Door gasket 5304507199 replaces part numbers 216522312 and 216522313.

When replacing this gasket, first remove the freezer door, loosen the inner door liner screws and pull out the old gasket. Position the new gasket evenly around the edge of the inner door liner, tighten all liner screws and reinstall the freezer door.


Sold by Sears PartsDirect


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