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Choose this manufacturer-approved console for your dryer.

This console for a Kenmore dryer model number 11095089402 houses the electronic control board for unit and serves as the control panel.

Unplug the dryer before beginning to install the replacement console. Making the repair requires removing the top panel from the dryer cabinet. To do this, take out the screws that hold the panel in place out from the rear of the machine. Lift the panel up from the rear, then pull it back.

To take off the old console, pull the control knob of the control panel, then release the 7 locking tabs around the console. Disconnect the ribbon wire connecting the electronic control board to the machine control, then press out on and unhook the 2 locking tabs on the back of the console. Pull the bottom of the console out slightly and unhook the top catches from the plastic holder.


Sold by Sears PartsDirect


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